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Mental Health Supports
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Psychological Counselling

Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) provides psychological counselling service to facilitate students’ adjustment to university life, to enable them cope with challenges effectively, and to enhance their personal growth and development.

All registered full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of CUHK are eligible for counselling service offered by WACC free-of-charge.

For students who are new to WACC counselling service, please book an initial assessment session online. Our counsellor will meet you to understand your needs and situation, so that immediate advice or assistance can be provided where necessary. 

For details, please visit our website or contact the WACC office at 3943 7208 / 3943 3493.

Flourishing First Year @ CUHK

Flourishing First Year @ CUHK provides a series of workshops and events for all new students throughout the whole year. With reference to the Seven Well Approach, we aim to encourage students via experiential learning to have healthy habit in seven aspects of life, i.e., to Eat well, Play well, Love well, Mind well, Sleep well, Exercise well, and Work well. Please visit our website for details of the programme and the Seven Well Approach. 

Sunshine At CUHK

Sunshine At CUHK is a one-stop online platform for students and CUHKers to access handy information related to mental wellness and relevant activities. Herein the Sunshine At CUHK’s website, you are going to find Mindfulness Training videos, Self-care TipsInspiration readings on personal growth and mental wellness, as well as Community Resources on counselling services and hotlines. We also have an engaging Facebook page, an Instagram page and a YouTube channel which promote various messages on positive psychology and mental wellness frequently. You are very welcome to FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE our social media.

Sunshine At CUHK mobile application has also been launched.  Interesting games such as Mood Diary, Press & Relax, Mix & Listen, and Plant the Plant where you could relieve your emotions immediately, concentrate and relax, and complete tasks to get various gifts!  You can also find Mindfulness Exercises where you could practice mindfulness on-the-go.  Download the app on App Store or Google Play to unwind and soothe your daily mood swings anytime, anywhere!

24-hour Emotional Support Hotline 5400 2055

This hotline serves to provide emotional support to CUHK full-time students and part-time PGDE students. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is provided by the counsellors of the Christian Family Service Centre.

uBuddies and uPals Peer Support Network 

uBuddies Peer Counselling Network

The uBuddies Peer Counselling Network is dedicated to promoting a caring culture on campus and fostering the spirit of peer mutual support and peer counselling. In addition to providing emotional support to CU students through the Treehole@uBuddies Instagram, uBuddies also organizes a range of meaningful service projects, including Dr. Dog Exam Visit, Exam Cheer-up Activities, Music Therapy Workshops, and Hiking Activities, which help to fill up positive energy on campus.

uPals Wellness Promotion Team

In order to increase students’ awareness of mental health, the uPals Wellness Promotion Team implements various wellness projects on campus, such as organizing Mindful Yoga Classes, Expressive Arts Workshops, and Healing Trips, whilst continuously promoting mental health on Instagram and WeChat. Working in conjunction with uBuddies, uPals conducts all training and activities in English to provide appropriate peer support to CU students.

SEN Service

CUHK is committed to promoting equal opportunities in academic pursuits for every student. To facilitate and enrich the campus life and learning experience of full-time students with special educational needs (SEN), SEN Service (SENS) coordinates with different CUHK units to provide the following support:

• Learning aids & equipment

• On-campus Rehabus service

• Barrier-free facilities on campus

• Examination and class accommodations

• Student hostel accommodations

• Peer support

• Integration and inclusion activities

• Social-emotional enhancement programmes

• Career counselling

• Psychological counselling

• General medical care

Further, to drive an inclusive learning environment, SENS also organizes an array of programmes and activities to raise and strengthen the awareness and capacity to support students with different needs and abilities among CUHK staff and students. 

To learn more about or to register for the above support services, please visit the SENS website or contact the office via the following:

Tel: (852) 3943 5441 / 3943 0338
Email: Click here to email SENS
Address: Room 311, 3/F, Pommerenke Student Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

uShine SEN Service Team

Established as a peer support network in 2014, the uShine SEN Service Team (uShiners) is a group of students trained to support students with SEN in their adjustment to campus life and promote SEN awareness among the CUHK community. All full-time non-final year CUHK students are welcome to become uShiners to develop and grow a fruitful university life together with students with SEN. For details, please visit the team’s website, Facebook, or Instagram.