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CW Chu College

CW Chu College distinguishes itself among other colleges at the Chinese University in a number of ways. It is a small college with about three hundred students, and is one of the only three Colleges of the University that are fully residential, with all students required to live in during four years of their undergraduate studies. Communal dining in the College is also an expectation. These features hark back to the long and cherished tradition of collegiate institutions in the West, Oxford and Cambridge being the best-known examples. By substantially strengthening the interaction between teachers and students, raising the students’ interest in intellectual dialogue, enhancing their scope and depth of general knowledge, broadening their perspective on the world at large, enhancing in them a capacity for ethical reflection and conduct, and furnishing them with the interpersonal skills that will stand them in good stead in life after graduation, CW Chu College aims to nurture graduates who embody the values which the late Dr CW Chu exemplified, and which are encapsulated in the College motto Cultus et Beneficentia: leadership, service, intellectual clarity and ethical conduct.

A close and vibrant community has already been built with the cohorts of students. The College looks forward to welcoming local and non-local students, as well as incoming exchange students from around the world.