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Lee Woo Sing College

Lee Woo Sing College is a medium-sized college, the College campus accommodates 1,400 students with 640 hostel places. In accordance with the College motto, ‘Wisdom, Humanity, Integrity, Harmony’, our aim is to develop leaders for Hong Kong, the mainland and the world. The Onboarding Programme is a comprehensive life and academic guidance and bridging programme specially designed for year one students. The programme consists of networking activities, workshops and mentorship scheme, on top of the General Education courses and activities for year one students. We aim at helping freshmen to identify their personal goals as early as possible and to adjust themselves for University life via peer networking and mentorship scheme. For details, please visit

The scholarships, bursaries and loans provided each year are approximately 2 million in total. There are nearly 40 admission scholarship awards (range from $5,000 to full-year tuition) worth over $1 million to be offered in 2022/23. For more information, please visit

The campus HKBEAM platinum-grade eco buildings are designed to blend in with their natural surroundings. Most dorm rooms can enjoy the beautiful scenery or Tolo pleasant mountain views. For more information about campus and accommodation, please visit

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