Information for Students under 18


2019 RES LetterEng

I. Essential Information for Students Under 18

  1. Some students who join the University are under the age of 18. While these students will be treated equally with other students, they are invited to note the following matters.
    1. Parental responsibility - It should be noted that parental responsibility remains with the parents/ guardians, and that the University will not assume parental responsibility for students under 18. These students’ parents/ guardians should be aware of their responsibility under some circumstances. Additional parental consent may be required for some activities, e.g. activities conducted outside Hong Kong.
    2. Student development activities - Students under 18 can participate or engage (pursuant to a course requirement or otherwise) in academic, training, social and other activities (e.g. course trips, exchange programmes, evening gatherings and high-risk sports). Students are reminded that some of these activities may involve various kinds of risks and they should assess the potential risks before taking part in these activities.
    3. Compliance with regulations - In general, students should comply with the relevant University regulations and take full responsibility for all activities which they participate in relation to their academic studies and non-academic activities at the University, e.g. course selection, internship and participation in student activities.
    4. Student associations - Students may participate in student associations and their activities, if they wish. However, students who are under 18 should be aware of the personal liabilities of being office bearers of student associations, especially when engaging in contractual agreements with outside parties in the capacity of their positions in the student bodies, and the possible problems that may arise.
    5. Accommodation - Students under 18 may be offered on-campus accommodation through residing in hostels.
    6. Access to selected materials - Like other students, students under 18 have access to materials which are normally suitable for adults only. There will not be special restriction for access of students under 18 to materials in the libraries.
    7. Internship, placement and part-time work - Students under 18 who will participate in internship, placement or part-time work are reminded of the Students under 18 who will participate in internship, placement or part-time work are reminded of the1restrictions specified in the Employment of Young Person (Industry) Regulations on certain work settings and conditions.
    8. Emergency - Under specific circumstances or in case of emergency, students under 18 may need to receive psychological treatments, undergo medical operations, etc. If necessary, they may assist in police interrogation.
  2. Students are protected by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Parents/guardians normally do not have the right to access students’ personal data. In general, the University corresponds directly with students, but not their parents/guardians. However, the University may sometimes need to contact parents/guardians of the students, e.g. in the event of an emergency. It is necessary for students under 18 to provide the University with the emergency contacts of their parents/ guardians and update such records as and when necessary. The students have already given consent for the University to contact their parents/ guardians in the registration procedures.
  3. If students under 18 feel that they may need additional support or would like to discuss with the University on any issues due to their personal circumstances, they are invited to contact the Office of Student Affairs, or their respective Colleges/Faculties.
  4. The parent/ guardian of a student who is still under the age of 18 as of the day of registration is asked to complete and sign a consent form to indicate his/ her acknowledgement of the information in this document and his/ her consent for the student to engage in relevant academic and student development activities.


II. Consent form

Please click the button below to download the consent form

Consent given by the parent/ guardian of a student who is under the age of 18