Student Development Portfolio

The University is committed to the whole-person development of its students. Different units in the University provide a variety of student activities and services to cultivate students’ overall quality and competitiveness through non-formal education. To this end, the Student Development Portfolio (SDP) has been established. Not only does it provide a roadmap for students on the experiential learning opportunities on offer but it also specifies the roles and responsibilities of various student support units on campus. SDP poster

The SDP is a university-wide computer system for capturing and presenting students’ participation in the Experiential Learning Activities (ELA) under the whole-person development framework namely I·CARE.  The desirable targets, as well as appropriate values and skills for students to attain through experiential learning are categorised under the following virtues:

I I    -    Integrity and Moral Development
C    -   Creativity and Intellectual Development
A  -    Appreciation of Life and Aesthetics Development
R  -    Relationships and Social Development
E  -    Energy and Wellness
You can view and enrol for the activities and services in the SDP provided by different student support units in a systematic way.  Besides, your participation in activities organised by student bodies or external organisations can be recorded in the system as these activities are also deemed instrumental and form an integral part of non-formal education.  Then, you will be able to create your own log of ELA, and produce the corresponding ELA Report when necessary. SDP UELA Sample
The SDP is expected to facilitate you to affirm your motive in participating in activities and services, and hence better manage your experiential learning opportunities during your study in the University.  On the other hand, the framework enables relevant departments to review their deployment of resources, and maximise their impact on their offering of non-formal education. SDP
You can login the e-Platform with your Student ID and OnePass (CWEM) Password on  For more information, please visit


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