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Launched in 2011, the I‧CARE Programme has been committed to offering informal whole-person education to students based on the I·CARE Framework (vide the chapter on “Student Development Portfolio”).  In line with its motto “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”, the I·CARE Programme aims to inspire students to actively partake in social and civic services.  It also facilitates the release of students’ holistic competencies so that they will become able to enhance the wellness of people in the local, regional and global communities.  The I·CARE Programme is now administered by the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development.  This Centre also collaborates with other University units to motivate all-round development of students.

Activities under the I‧CARE Programme are mainly carried out through the following areas:

University Lecture on Civility

This Programme is consisted of seminars and cultural activities that explore the relationship between men and society/ nature.  Scholars, artists and luminaries from around the world share their unique humanistic points of view with students and catalyse them to reflect on the meaning of life.  Speakers of this Programme include, inter alia, Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate), Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (master of Buddhist meditation), Lung Ying-tai (renowned writer), and Marcin Jakubowski (pioneer of open source movement).

1博群大講堂 ULC 11博群大講堂 ULC 21博群大講堂 ULC 3

Social Service Projects Scheme

The University encourages students to engage in social and civic services in Hong Kong, the Mainland, and overseas countries.  While funding has been set aside for students to design, initiate and implement sustainable development projects in local and impoverished areas to enhance people’s well-being, they will also be trained (through the “Proposal Writing Workshop” and “Sharing Session on Learning Outcome”, etc.), coached and monitored under the Scheme.

2社會服務計劃 SSPS 12社會服務計劃 SSPS 22社會服務計劃 SSPS 3

Lean Poverty Alleviation Initiative

This programme aims at bringing students to address the underlying causes of poverty as well as to build an enabling environment for penury moderation.  “Poverty” is seen as not only the insufficiency of essential resources to maintain a citizen’s living but also one’s relative disadvantages as compared to the members of a dominant socioeconomic group.  Under this programme, students gain first-hand experience about societal issues and nurture resolve to tackle poverty through being engaged in experiential activities and direct services like the “Social Service Day - Let Elderly/ Youth be a University Student”, “Hong Kong Cultural Tours Project” and “Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme.

3本地扶貧項目 LPAI 13本地扶貧項目 LPAI 23本地扶貧項目 LPAI 3

Community Research Scheme

The Scheme allows students from different disciplines to work together on rigorous studies of various public issues under the guidance of professional tutors.  Students collect and analyse data, carry out research and present findings that become blueprints for community and social reforms.  Topics of research include, inter alia, “Pattern of Hidden Elderly in Public Estates” and “Child Caretaker in Grass-roots Families”.

4社區研究計劃 CRS 14社區研究計劃 CRS 24社區研究計劃 CRS 3

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme

The Scheme not only funds students (and also young alumni) to transform their creative business ideas into meaningful startup, but most importantly offers mentorship to them by the experts in real business sector.  With financial support of the Scheme, participants validate, establish or scale up their social enterprises.

5社會企業起動計劃 SESS 15社會企業起動計劃 SESS 25社會企業起動計劃 SESS 3

NGO Internship Programme

Working for a non-governmental organisation (NGO) provides students with the opportunity to put theories into practice, support others in need, and create positive changes in communities.  The placements in Hong Kong, the Mainland and Taiwan are expected to take students’ dedication and strengths to new heights.

6非牟利團體實習計劃 NGO 16非牟利團體實習計劃 NGO 26非牟利團體實習計劃 NGO 3

I·CARE Achievers Programme

This Programme is divided into two parts - “Value Exploration Series” and “Core Group Nurture”.  While the former is open for all students and staff, the latter will serve a designated group of students.  These students are required to complete a number of stipulated tasks (e.g. camping, farming, hiking, marathon, reading and meeting with mentors who are luminaries and acclaimed figures) in order to attain fine quality for all-round development.  These participants will enjoy flexibility to decide when and to what extent they will complete the Programme and obtain corresponding I·CARE Achiever titles.

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Activities Enriching Student Life

The I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development hosts or assists in, from time to time, various activities to enrich student life.  They include, inter alia, “Music Dreams Come True Concert”, “CUHK Campus Tour”, “Jockey Club Charles Kao Brain Health Services Project”, “Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need”, “Go Hiking in CUHK Style with Vice-Chancellor”, Exploring the Plentiful Possibilities of Life”, and “Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay”.

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Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK

Permission from Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank, was obtained to name this Centre after him.  It aims to encourage real action from the youth of Hong Kong in social business through a series of training activities and incubation programmes.  The Centre also facilitates poverty alleviation through research such as developing the “Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment”.

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